Jaci Burton

Straddling the Line
Book Eight in the Play-by-Play Series
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July 1, 2014

Trevor Shay has a successful career straddling the two sports he loves—football and baseball. He puts it all on the line for old friend Haven Briscoe, though, when she has a tough time getting her professional career together after the death of her father. Despite her misgivings, Haven accepts the assignment of doing a feature bio on Trevor, but he’s an attractive force of nature and there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. Secrets are revealed and chemistry is added to the mix as they each help each other through some tough times.

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Hope Burns
Book Three in the Hope contemporary romance series
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September 30, 2014

Molly Burnett and Carter Richards share a painful past, one that sent Molly running out of town, vowing never to return. The only thing bringing her back is her sister’s wedding, and she doesn’t intend to stay long. But circumstances force her to remain in town, and within close distance of the one man who hurt her more than she’d ever been hurt before. Can the two of them face down the past and work together toward the possibility of love and happiness in Hope?

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Holiday on Ice
Book 8.5 in the Play-by-Play Series
Coming Soon
November 18, 2014

Patrick “Trick” Niemeyer is a hot stud both on and off the ice. When he meets up again with old flame Stella Slovinski, things get even hotter. Burned badly by a relationship once, Stella only wants occasional hookups. Trick’s looking for more from Stella, and is determined to go deeper, giving her a holiday she’ll never forget.

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Quarterback Draw
Book Nine in the Play-by-Play Series
Coming Soon
February, 2015

Grant Cassidy has it all going for him—a great career as a quarterback and a fantastic life outside of the job. He’s not looking for love or a relationship, until he meets smart, gorgeous supermodel Katrina Koslova. Katrina has no time for someone larger than life like Grant. She’s overloaded with personal responsibilities that don’t include romancing the hot quarterback. But Katrina needs Grant in ways even she doesn’t realize, and Grant’s not about to let this amazing woman go. The draw to each other is irresistible, and this game is about to get serious.



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