Jaci Burton

Holiday on Ice
Book 8.5 in the Play-by-Play Series
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November 18, 2014

Patrick “Trick” Niemeyer is a hot stud both on and off the ice. When he meets up again with old flame Stella Slovinski, things get even hotter. Burned badly by a relationship once, Stella only wants occasional hookups. Trick’s looking for more from Stella, and is determined to go deeper, giving her a holiday she’ll never forget.

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Show Me
Reissued Novella - New eBook Edition
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December 16, 2014

A surprise visit to an exclusive club changes everything for socialite Janine Bartolino. When she meets Philippe “Del” Delacroix, the club’s owner, she’s intrigued enough to want to explore a sensual side of her sexuality she’s previously kept hidden. But there’s risk involved—she’s a public figure. Del convinces her that indulging in her fantasies with him is worth the risk.

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Quarterback Draw
Book Nine in the Play-by-Play Series
Coming Soon
February 3, 2015

Grant Cassidy has it all going for him—a great career as a quarterback and a fantastic life outside of the job. He’s not looking for love or a relationship, until he meets smart, gorgeous supermodel Katrina Koslova. Katrina has no time for someone larger than life like Grant. She’s overloaded with personal responsibilities that don’t include romancing the hot quarterback. But Katrina needs Grant in ways even she doesn’t realize, and Grant’s not about to let this amazing woman go. The draw to each other is irresistible, and this game is about to get serious.

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Love After All
Book Four in the Hope Series
Coming Soon
April 2015

High school teacher Chelsea Gardner has a firm list of qualities in mind to find the perfect man. Now she just needs the right guy that fits them all. Bartender Bash Palmer doesn’t match her list at all, but the things they do share are chemistry, fun, and a romantic connection. Bash intends to show her that a list doesn’t make a forever match.

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All Wound Up
Book Ten in the Play-by-Play Series
Coming Soon
August 2015

Dr. Aubry Ross is way too busy for a love life. But baseball player Tucker Cassidy keeps ending up in her emergency room, and he’s kind of irresistible. Tucker has no intention of playing games with Aubry—he’s dead serious about romancing the daughter of the team owner, even if it does put his job in jeopardy. 

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